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Amazon logo in a trash can.
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How to permanently delete your Amazon account

Like most Big Tech companies, Amazon doesn’t make it easy to stop using their services. But with a little...
Key with a price tag.
6 mins

What is ransomware, and how to prevent it?

Ransomware is a form of malware that uses encryption to hold your data hostage. Here are ways to fix malware and prevent attacks.
A scraper scraping an image.
6 mins

Data scraping: A (mostly) legal way to harvest your information

Data scraping has been a method used in recent data leaks. Find out how it works and how it impacts your privacy.
ExpressVPN's Black Friday VPN Deal 2021
2 mins

ExpressVPN’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal 2021 (plus shopping tips)

Get 3 extra months FREE with an annual subscription. Then use ExpressVPN to get the best deals on everything else this Black Friday/Cyber Monday.
How my ISP cost me my job.
4 mins

Dystopian data: How my search history cost me my job

The following is part of a fictitious series that looks at the dangers of internet privacy abuse. ExpressVPN delves...
Wi-Fi hacking video screenshot
3 mins

Wi-Fi hacking explained: SSL stripping

“How to stay safe online!” is a common headline these days. We are told repeatedly that free public Wi-Fi...
Could your search history affect your education?
3 mins

Dystopian data: How my ISP got me blacklisted from my dream...

NOTE: This post was originally published on July 26, 2017 The following is part of a fictitious series that looks...
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