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Best new shows and movies to stream in August 2022

As we wait for the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon on August 21, we’ve got awards-bait movies, two soccer-themed docuseries, and multiple ’90s reboots to stream.
best streaming services 2022
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Whither Netflix? The top 5 streaming services worth keeping

With price hikes and new account limits, Netflix is falling out of favor. We’ve ranked the best-value streaming services in 2022.
Where to stream 2022 Oscar movies
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Where to stream 2022 Oscar winners and nominees

Find out where to watch Best Picture winner Coda, see Will Smith in King Richard, and stream all the other 2022 Oscar winners from the 94th Academy Awards .
stream foreign Christmas movies on Netflix
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Best foreign Christmas movies and series on Netflix

By that we mean “not in English”—and absolutely binge-worthy.
where to stream 2021 oscar movies
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Where to stream 2021 Oscar winners and nominees

Stream the Best Picture winner and other 2021 Oscar movies on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and Apple TV+.
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Designing the future of ExpressVPN

How do you translate privacy and security into a unified visual identity? ExpressVPN's design director and VP explain...
Baby crib mobile with eyes.
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5 ways parents can stay smart about children’s privacy

Had a Covid baby? It’s never too early to stay vigilant and protect their privacy.
Streaming services for kids watching a screen.
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Parents’ guide to the 8 best streaming services for kids

Stuck at home? We review the best streaming services for kids, including content libraries, parental controls, free trials, and pricing.
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How hackers get passwords

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