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Password storage app UI.
4 mins

Video: Best ways to store your passwords

Do you keep your passwords on Post-It notes? There are actually worse ways to store your passwords.
Entry form with simple password.
6 mins

‘We’re in!’: Best (and worst) password-hacking scenes in movies and TV

Perhaps one of the most frustrating tropes in film and television concerns password cracking. Check out our list of the best and worst!
Transparent window with magnifying glass.
2 mins

Video: What does your ISP know about you?

With an unencrypted connection, your internet service provider can learn a lot about you including the sites you visit and the apps you use.
Smartphone in life vest.
4 mins

Apps that can save your life

What if your phone could save your life? We’ve curated a selection of apps that could enhance your safety or help you survive an emergency or crisis.
Emergency warning sign USB.
5 mins

Survival tip: Digitize emergency records on USB

You might have important documents locked somewhere safe. Creating digital versions is just as important—and USB sticks keep them compact and portable.
Various Spider-Man movie logos.
7 mins

What is the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse?

Marvel movies might confuse you enough—but what if separate universes overlap? We break down the various franchises that have come about.
Magnifying glass with hidden camera.
4 mins

5 ways to detect hidden cameras

Hidden cameras are a growing problem in hotel rooms, gyms, homes, and more.
Gaming D-Pad with renewal symbols.
9 mins

14 best (and worst) classic game reboots

Our list includes game franchises like Mario, Donkey Kong, Bomberman, and Doom.
Various types of banned media.
6 mins

Strangest examples of modern media censorship

Despite the best intentions, censorship decisions can sometimes be baffling. Check out our list of strangest reasons for banning books, movies, and games.
Shield, padlock, and question mark.
1 min

Quiz: Test your privacy knowledge!

Are you on top of the latest privacy news and issues? Take our quiz to find out. You might learn something along the way.
4 mins
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