A computer with code and "hello" on its screen.
3 mins

We asked OpenAI’s chatbot to write about its maker

OpenAI has made headlines with its chatbot, said to sound convincingly human in answering all manner of questions. Will it replace writers?
QR code with a skull on it.
12 mins

What is a QR Code?

There are a few ways QR codes pose online security risks. Here are a few simple tips to protect yourself.
Smart home gift guide
7 mins

2022 gift guide: Smart home tech for everyone on your list

Including the ultimate tech to protect all your smart home devices.
A soccer ball on a TV, with popcorn.
4 mins

How to enjoy any World Cup game

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing and the 32 teams are winnowing themselves down to the Round...
One red key in a sea of blue keys.
5 mins

Samsung lost its Android app-signing key—and didn’t replace it

Our chief engineer of VPN technologies weighs in on the recent revelation over a worrying stance taken by Samsung.
alt= "phones-for-kids"
12 mins

Phones for kids: A buying guide to age-appropriate tech

Your kid wants a phone? Here are tips on what type of device to get them.
stream foreign Christmas movies on Netflix
6 mins

Best foreign Christmas movies and series on Netflix

By that we mean “not in English”—and absolutely binge-worthy.


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How to detect hidden spy cameras

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