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bunch of tech eco-friendly tech gadgets for earth day
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9 gadgets to help you feel more eco-friendly

This Earth Day, we list items that can help you use less energy and less plastic.
Skype logo in trash bin deleting skype
1 min

How to permanently delete your Skype account

Don’t use Skype anymore? Delete your account to lessen your digital footprint, here's how.
5 mins

10 life-enhancing tech products under $30

The gadgets and gear that have improved how we live, work and play.
8 mins

9 Spotify alternatives for music in 2022

You might be using Spotify because everyone else is, but there’s a wide world of music streaming services out there to explore.
4 mins

After a breakup: Tips to sever your digital ties

Shared accounts and passwords are common among couples. Take these steps to protect your online privacy after a breakup.
4 mins

Netflix, Facebook, and Instagram, but for kids?

Some of the biggest tech companies like Netflix and Meta are creating versions of their platforms for young children. Good idea/bad idea?
How to delete your TikTok account permanently
2 mins

How to delete your TikTok account permanently

Concerned about TikTok's privacy policies? Follow our hassle-free guide on permanently removing the app from your device.
3 mins

Should you pick up calls from unknown callers?

What if it’s an emergency?
1 min

How to stay secure when using public Wi-Fi

Whether it’s in your local cafe, an airport halfway around the world, or your favorite mall, public Wi-Fi is not safe.
Instagram Ban As A Service
3 mins

It’s shockingly easy for someone to get your Instagram account banned

Scammers are using Instagram loopholes to get accounts banned—and they’re offering to do this for a fee.
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