Cure53 audits ExpressVPN Aircove, confirming the router’s security excellence

An external audit, internal threat modeling, and Aircove security features help deliver a secure home VPN experience
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We recently introduced Aircove, a Wi-Fi 6 router with built-in VPN protection—the VPN industry’s first hardware product. Combined with an active ExpressVPN subscription, Aircove lets you protect every online device in your home.

As a privacy-focused company, we set out to create Aircove with the aim that it would be easy to use, offer powerful capabilities, and, above all, deliver the security standards that our VPN users have come to expect.

This is why we invited cybersecurity firm Cure53 to conduct a penetration test and source-code audit of Aircove prior to the launch. The audit took place in June and July 2022. 

The findings were positive, with Cure53 stating that “the ExpressVPN team has established a first-rate security level for the components in focus following the completion of this audit.” 

“Overall, the code organization and quality garnered a positive impression, indicating that security was a high priority during development and a substantial aspect of the software’s life cycle,” Cure53 wrote in its report.

We are pleased with the results, which highlights the overall robust level of security of Aircove. The assessment identified several weaknesses and miscellaneous issues, and we have since taken measures to mitigate the associated risks, which Cure53 verified in September 2022 as part of the audit. Read the full audit report here.

Built with your security in mind

The Cure53 audit is just one of the many security measures we’ve taken to ensure that Aircove delivers a safe and reliable experience to users. 

Our internal security team has also done extensive threat modeling across all of Aircove’s touchpoints—from hardware manufacturing to firmware installation—to pre-emptively identify potential risks and implement mitigations. 

Aircove also offers various security features as part of its Wi-Fi and VPN functionalities: 

  • Aircove supports WPA3 encryption—the highest Wi-Fi security standard available. 
  • Aircove’s auto-update feature ensures that your router is always maintained with the latest security updates and feature improvements, with no action needed from you. We regularly offer firmware updates to ensure you always have the most reliable and secure home Wi-Fi experience, along with any new features (stay tuned!).
  • Aircove offers Network Lock, the ExpressVPN kill switch, which blocks all internet traffic if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly, keeping your data safe until VPN protection is restored. Network Lock is enabled by default.

We’re confident in Aircove’s ability to protect you where it matters most—your home—while providing a smoother and more enjoyable internet experience. See for yourself. Aircove is available to order on Amazon (U.S. only) or FlashRouters.

Testing our security through audits

We regularly engage independent cybersecurity experts to assess our products and validate the accuracy of our security claims. Find out more about our recent and past audits and security assessments:

  • An audit by KPMG of our no-logs policy (September 2022)
  • An audit by Cure53 of our Linux app (August 2022)
  • An audit by Cure53 of our macOS app (July 2022)
  • A security audit by Cure53 of TrustedServer, our in-house VPN server technology (May 2022) 
  • An audit by F-Secure of our Windows v12 app (April 2022)
  • A security audit by F-Secure of our Windows v10 app (March 2022)
  • A security audit by Cure53 of our VPN protocol Lightway (August 2021)
  • An audit by PwC Switzerland on our build verification process (June 2020)
  • An audit by PwC Switzerland of our privacy policy compliance and our in-house technology TrustedServer (June 2019)
  • A security audit by Cure53 of our browser extension (November 2018)
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David Gilbert is Staff Product Manager at ExpressVPN, and is currently responsible for the development of Aircove—the VPN industry’s first hardware product. He has over 17 years of experience building consumer software and hardware products with startups and large companies around the world. David first joined ExpressVPN in 2013 and has a strong understanding of the VPN industry and users’ needs.