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Whether you want to travel the world, advance your career, or connect with other cultures, a VPN can help you watch movies and shows from many countries, improving your fluency in the languages you wish to learn.

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How does a VPN help you learn languages?

ExpressVPN changes your IP address by routing it through any one of 160 secure VPN server locations that you choose when you connect. This can make you appear to be in a different country, allowing you to browse and stream as if you were in that country.*

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For instance, if you choose a VPN server location in South Korea, your web traffic will appear as coming from a South Korean IP location. This might allow you to access Korean TV channels, shows, and sites that would otherwise not be available to you.

* ExpressVPN is a VPN service not intended to be used as a means of copyright circumvention. Please read the ExpressVPN Terms of Service and your content provider’s Terms of Use for more details.

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Learning languages with YouTube

Access to free language courses, foreign language channels, and live international news broadcasts are just some of the ways YouTube is an invaluable resource for language learners.

A VPN will proxy your chosen location to unblock international YouTube content instantly.

Learn more about using YouTube with a VPN.

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Learning languages with Netflix

Learn languages with Netflix by rewatching your favorite movies and shows in different languages! Change your profile’s default language to discover a whole new viewing experience.

Learn more about using Netflix with a VPN.

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Learning languages with Spotify

Whether it’s a polyglot podcast, intensive language lessons, or a foreign language music playlist, Spotify is your one-stop shop for quality audio streaming.

Accessing Spotify with a VPN is perfect for learning languages on the go.

Learn more about using Spotify with a VPN.

Wikipedia home page and VPN.

Learning languages with Wikipedia

With access to over 55 million articles in 300+ languages, Wikipedia is one of the most comprehensive resources available for learning a new language.

Using a VPN will provide you with secure access to Wikipedia.

Learn more about using Wikipedia with a VPN.

Skype UI with VPN.

Learning languages with Skype

Online language exchanges are a great way to meet and converse with native speakers of other languages. Join a community and actively learn a language from the comfort of your home.

A VPN will unblock any communication limitations imposed by governments, telecoms, and ISPs.

Learn more about using Skype with a VPN.

FAQ: How to use a VPN to learn languages

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