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Work from home with a VPN

Work from home safely and securely with ExpressVPN

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Step 1 of downloading a VPN.

Sign up for ExpressVPN and its blazing-fast service.

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Connect to any one of 160 locations in 94 countries.

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Enjoy any website and online service—wherever you are!

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The best remote-work tool to secure sensitive data

ExpressVPN hides your IP address and protects your network data with AES-256, offering virtually unbreakable encryption, so no one can intercept your sensitive business files. ExpressVPN’s cutting-edge TrustedServer technology also ensures that no trace of your activity is ever left on our VPN servers.

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Discover the full extent of your streaming services

When the workday is done, make the most of your favorite streaming sites. Watch popular programs even if they’re restricted from your location. When using ExpressVPN, you can appear to be in any one of 160 locations around the world. Unblock movies, music, sports, global news, social media, and more with just one click.

Download VPN for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.

Access essential websites and apps to stay productive

Not being able to use online services like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, Skype, and LinkedIn can hamper your personal life and your work life. Stay informed, connect with friends and colleagues via chat apps, and browse social media freely, even in countries that block these popular services.

How a VPN works

Encrypted VPN connection

Use a virtual private network (VPN) to hide your IP address and enhance your online anonymity anywhere in the world. Whether you’re working online or streaming your favorite TV shows, you can access sites and services privately and securely no matter where you live.

Get ExpressVPN for all your devices

A single ExpressVPN subscription includes software solutions for every device in your home, including gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox and smart TV systems like Apple TV and Amazon TV Fire Stick.

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ExpressVPN’s global network

ExpressVPN users can connect to 160 server locations in 94 countries and counting. Access any of these VPN server locations from anywhere in the world, including:


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